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A platform to talk, learn and show design projects, all around the space.

A BIT OF CONTEXT: I was hired to manage all the content strategy for Something Spatial.

Leading the strategy content, content creation, and copywriting for Something Spatial, a digital platform dedicated to design projects in the realm of space, was a journey filled with unique challenges and exhilarating outcomes. Crafting content for a niche that marries design with the cosmos required a deep dive into both fields, necessitating a thorough understanding of spatial design and space-related concepts. One significant challenge was finding the delicate balance between technical precision and engaging storytelling, ensuring that the content resonated with both design enthusiasts and space aficionados.

Content creation, from writing articles that explored the intricacies of spatial design to curating visually stunning showcases of space-related projects, was a meticulous process that demanded meticulous attention to detail. The challenge here was not only conveying the technical aspects of design but also conveying the awe-inspiring wonder of space exploration, encapsulating the essence of innovation and creativity.

Copywriting was equally demanding, as it involved translating complex ideas and concepts into concise, compelling narratives that captivated the audience.

The result

The outcome, however, was immensely rewarding. Something Spatial emerged as a thriving hub for design enthusiasts, space aficionados, and curious minds alike. The platform fostered a vibrant community of thinkers and creators, sparking insightful discussions, showcasing groundbreaking projects, and igniting a shared passion for the intersection of design and space. Through strategic content and creative storytelling, Something Spatial succeeded in bridging the gap between two seemingly disparate fields, fostering a unique online space that celebrated the artistry and innovation inherent in spatial design and exploration.

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