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A new field to learn about: design

A BIT OF CONTEXT: Eazycity is in the process of launching a new blog for the website. They needed a writer on retainer to keep on top of all the content and create new articles every week.

The international designer was in the midst of a full rebrand when he reached out for help; his current website wasn’t communicating his expertise, vision, or voice to potential clients.

We set out to articulate his unique value through client-focused copywriting for his new design website, with a voice as elevated and approachable as the designs he creates.

The result

Gerard Puxhe’s new website finally captures his unique voice and value, showing prospective clients how he can help them create a space that feels like home.

Throughout the site, we emphasized clear headlines and calls to action, prioritized client-focused language like “you” and “your”, and guided readers through each page with the same care and expertise they could experience while working with Gerard.

The blog posts, ranging from in-depth explorations of design trends to behind-the-scenes glimpses of Gerard’s creative process, attracted a diverse audience. The engagement was palpable, with readers appreciating the fusion of insightful content and visually striking design elements.

Ultimately, the personal website became a testament to the power of effective copywriting and blogging in bridging the gap between a designer’s vision and their audience’s understanding.

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