Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager at Dentsu.


Strategy content
Content creation
Community management



Global thinking and local knowledge.

A BIT OF CONTEXT: I worked as a Social Media Manager at Dentsu for several global clients.

As a Social Media Manager at Dentsu, collaborating with global clients was an exhilarating experience that encompassed a myriad of responsibilities. My role extended far beyond mere content scheduling, as it required a holistic approach to social media management. I diligently crafted and executed comprehensive social media strategies tailored to each client’s unique goals, audience, and market. This included content creation that struck the perfect balance between creativity and brand alignment, ensuring that every post resonated with the target demographic.

Managing translations across multiple languages added an additional layer of complexity, demanding cultural sensitivity and linguistic precision to maintain a consistent brand voice.

Community management, though challenging, was immensely rewarding. I nurtured client communities, fostering engagement, resolving queries, and turning casual followers into loyal brand advocates.

The result

Through this collaborative and iterative process, the outcome of this multifaceted role was a global digital presence that not only met but often exceed clients’ expectations. The social media channels flourished, attracting a diverse and engaged audience, boosting brand recognition, and ultimately driving business growth. My tenure at Dentsu as a Social Media Manager exemplified the power of a well-rounded approach to digital marketing and the immense potential of social media to connect global brands with their audiences, irrespective of borders or languages.

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