Newsletter Azimo

Newsletter for Azimo: a fintech based in London.


Content creation



The power of the languages

A BIT OF CONTEXT: As part of the PR team I created the weekly newsletter for the fintech Azimo, where we compillate news for the different countries where the company operated.

One of the challenges was striking a balance between informative content and engaging storytelling. Navigating complex financial concepts required a creative approach, translating intricate details into accessible narratives that captivated readers. The art of maintaining consistency in tone, style, and timing across newsletters, despite the rapidly changing Fintech ecosystem, was a meticulous task that demanded both agility and strategic planning.

The result

The outcomes, however, were remarkable. The weekly newsletter emerged as a conduit of knowledge, fostering an informed and engaged community around Azimo’s offerings. The infusion of user testimonials, success stories, and expert insights enhanced the newsletter’s authenticity, establishing Azimo as not only a Fintech leader but also a trusted partner in users’ financial journeys. The subscriber base grew steadily as the newsletter gained a reputation for its reliable, actionable content, and the open rates and click-through rates reflected the resonance of the curated insights. Ultimately, the newsletter became a driving force in cementing Azimo’s position at the forefront of the Fintech landscape, solidifying the brand’s reputation as a beacon of innovation and expertise.

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