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Fiction writer with 5 books published.


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Short stories, laughs and food.

A BIT OF CONTEXT: During COVID I decided to publish my first book. Since then I have published 3 more and a novel is coming.

Crafting a weekly newsletter for the Fintech powerhouse Azimo was a dynamic endeavor that entailed strategic finesse and consistent innovation. The process kicked off by immersing myself in Azimo’s brand identity and values, enabling me to tailor the content to resonate with their audience of tech-savvy users seeking financial solutions. Collaborating closely with Azimo’s marketing team, I embarked on a continuous cycle of research and trend analysis to curate timely and relevant topics that aligned with the ever-evolving Fintech landscape.

My foray into the world of self-publishing fiction was a journey marked by both literary ambition and a unique fusion of my passions—literature and food. The challenges of self-publishing, from manuscript editing to cover design and marketing, were undeniably daunting, demanding an entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment.

However, it was the original idea of intertwining literature and food that truly set my endeavor apart. Inspired by the notion that great stories are often accompanied by memorable meals, I crafted a series of short stories where food became an integral character, each dish serving as a narrative thread that wove together the lives of diverse characters.

The result

The outcome was a collection of immersive tales that not only delighted readers’ palates but also ignited their imaginations. Through self-publishing, I transformed my literary vision into a tangible reality, connecting with readers who shared my love for storytelling and the culinary arts, fostering a community that celebrated the magic of literature and food.

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