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A BIT OF CONTEXT: Eazycity is in the process of launching a new blog for the website. They needed a writer on retainer to keep on top of all the content and create new articles every week.

Crafting blog posts for “Eazycity,” a website catering to individuals living abroad, was an engaging journey that revolved around empathy, relatability, and the art of building a global community. Understanding the challenges, aspirations, and triumphs of individuals navigating life in a foreign country, I embarked on an immersive process of research and cultural exploration. Collaborating closely with the Eazycity team, I developed a content strategy that encompassed a diverse range of topics, from tips on adapting to new cultures and managing homesickness to exploring local hidden gems and building a network in a foreign land.

The primary challenge lay in striking a balance between providing practical advice and fostering a sense of connection. The content needed to be both informative and personal, offering insights that resonated with the unique experiences of people living abroad while addressing their diverse needs and concerns. The goal was to create content that felt like a friendly guide, a virtual companion for those embarking on the adventure of living in a foreign country.

The result

I adapted a youthful, engaging tone for the blogs and applied tried and true copy principles to the content. This makes the blog informative and entertaining. I was also sure to naturally sprinkle in relevant keywords to improve their SEO.

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