I'm the secret sauce in your brand's recipe. Bilingual content that sizzles

About me

Storyteller by day, spreadsheet sorcerer by night, I weave tales that make you laugh, cry, and (gasp!) understand ROI.


Bilingual 90%
Creative 80%
Team management 70%

I'm the algorithm whisperer, the SEO sorcerer, and the data diva.

I speak the language of keywords and analytics fluently, and I'm here to make your content soar like a phoenix on rocket fuel.

Forget crystal balls, I use data to predict the future of your content. I can dissect clicks like a pro cartographer, and I know the ins and outs of search engines better than a spider knows its web. So trust me, when it comes to crafting content that's both engaging and strategically brilliant, I'm your Gandalf the Grey (pun intended, nerds). So let's unleash the digital kraken and watch your traffic explode like a supernova.

Emoji whisperer, social media slayer, and purveyor of online giggles.

I speak fluent emoji , translate internet trends faster than a meme goes viral, and can craft captions that make you laugh while scrolling (even in that dentist's office waiting room).

I paint pictures with pixels, craft narratives that captivate, and turn brands into social media rockstars. My superpower? Storytelling. I can make your products sing, your services shine, and your audience fall in love with your brand's unique voice.

I write fiction because reality keeps trying to kill me

By day, I'm a human pretending to be a responsible adult. By night, I'm a weaver of worlds, conjuring tales of dragons, detectives with talking parrots, and cupcakes that solve mysteries (don't ask, it's delicious!).

When I'm not writing about fun stories and food, I'm:
Planning my own happily ever after (preferably with a library and a bottomless cup of tea).
Judging couples on reality TV shows (don't judge, we all do it).
Trying to convince my husband we need to hire a chef to eat healthier.

Two Tongues, One Storyteller: Your Bilingual Bridge to Strategy and Storytelling

Hola and hello! I'm a bilingual storyteller who juggles words like a circus performer with two languages (and hopefully the grace!). By day, I craft contenido estratégico that helps brands sizzle in both English and Spanish. By night, I weave fantastical tales that hop-scotch across borders and make your imagination do the salsa.

Think of me as the Pied Piper of palabras, luring readers into worlds where tacos and tea parties coexist, and dragons speak both fire and flamenco.

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